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Tangerine Dream - Bootleg Box SetThe Synthesizer / New Age division of the Compact Disc Services store is massively popular and has grown naturally over more than twenty-five years working in this exciting niche market.  Our home database has amassed in excess of 10,500 titles in the genre, featuring musicians that range from genuine household names and those well known to the established genre fan-base, to relatively unknown talents from all corners of the globe with enough potential to become equally famous in the ‘Electronic Music’ community and beyond!

Predominantly instrumental, our department comprises many different forms of the ‘Electronic Music’ genre, and as such, there is a certain element of “crossover” with other departments in the store such as: Ambient / Electronic, and very occasionally with the Progressive / Symphonic-Rock and Psychedelic / Space-Rock areas of our store.

Unlike our Ambient / Electronic department, which opened in the mid 90’s and has evolved over a relatively short period of time into several different sub-styles, much of the music in our Synthesizer / New Age department has retained the more “traditional” styles and sounds that started it all back at the end of the late 60’s / early 70’s.

We encompass the retro, improvised “Berlin School” style of early 70’s pioneers such as Tangerine Dream & Klaus Schulze with the melodic symphonic, rhythmic variations of 80’s icons Vangelis & Jean-Michel Jarre and beyond into our department, and include some of the best New Age / Relaxation titles along the way, delving into the deepest reaches of the cosmos with amazing Space Music works that take you “where no man has gone before” and straddling the borders where Synth and Ambient music meet in the ‘Electronic Music’ stratosphere.

Klaus Schulze - La Vie ElectroniqueWorking in the ‘EM’ genres for over 25 years, with clued-up in-house personnel that has a wealth of knowledge and experience in these areas of music has given us an unrivalled edge in this part of the music industry - Our pedigree really does speak for itself.

In the CDS online store ‘Electronic Music’ departments you will find a vast selection of titles not only on CD, but DVD, Blu-ray and High Quality Vinyl LP formats as well, some with in-depth reviews and track lists.  We also run Features on certain individual Artists & Bands, complete Label repertoire lists and Classics from the past, as well as all the standard New Releases, Special Offers, Bargain Basement titles and some of the genre’s Rarities when we are lucky enough to find them.  You are sure to find something new and interesting from artists and bands that you probably never new existed, and although many of theses names may mean nothing to you right now, they are possibly going to open up a whole new world of music in your future.